Incorporating curriculum materials by Dr. Stephanie Covington, Aventa provides concurrent capable, trauma informed, gender responsive addiction treatment programs to meet the unique needs of women.

There are three phases of treatment offered at Aventa

 Phase I is a program that offers priority admission for pregnant women who require immediate support and stabilization.

Phase II is a six week intensive residential program that provides therapeutic individual and group counselling. The program focuses on the following four key areas: sexual, spiritual, relationships and self.

Phase III is a three month residential treatment program for women who have completed Aventa’s Phase II or Young Adult Treatment (YAT) Program. This program offers individual and group counselling with a strong educational and skill building component. Phase III operates out of our second facility, located in a residential home in a nearby community.

Young Adult Treatment  (YAT) is a collaboration between Alberta Health Services (AHS) and Aventa, for women 18 - 24 years of age. Clients wanting to apply for the 90 Day YAT program must be referred by an AHS Addiction and Mental Health Counsellor.

Life skills and recreation activities such as arts and crafts, bowling, dance and cooking are supervised by the YAT Recreation Counsellor. Clients in this program also meet with a Family Counsellor for individual and family sessions, and an interactive workshop is held for YAT Clients’ Support Persons regularly which focuses on emotional boundaries, communication and forgiveness.

Clients cannot self-refer to this program and the YAT Application is only available through your local AHS Addictions Clinic. Please click HERE to find your local AHS Adult Addictions Counselling location or call 1-866-332-2322, 24 hours a day.

For more information on the referral process please contact the Assessments and Admissions Counsellor for the Young Adult Program at (403) 541-4656.

Further information on the YAT Program is available HERE.

Continuum of Services

Aventa provides on-site medical services to Clients in Aventa programming. Aventa employs Nursing Staff five days per week whose primary focus is to do a health risk assessment on each Client and provide ongoing monitoring of medications and follow up on any health issues. A family physician who specializes in addiction medicine provides consultation with Aventa’s Clients. Aventa also works closely with a psychiatrist who offers on-site assessments and mental health support.

The Alex Community Health Bus provides gynecological services to Aventa Clients every two weeks.

The Smile Dental Bus provides dental services to Aventa's Phase II and YAT Clients every two weeks.

Parenting in Recovery is a five session program that gives Clients a place to share and relate about parenting and addiction. This program is offer to pregnant women or those who are parenting and currently attending Aventa. Topics include Roles, Boundaries, Communication, Anger, Guilt and Forgiveness.

Momentum Financial Literacy Program is a six session program for YAT Clients to help them address their financial situation by looking at their assets, budgets, credit and consumerism.

Aventa’s Smoking Cessation Support Group operates concurrently throughout Aventa programs for Clients who are thinking about quitting, in the process of quitting or who have already quit and want to continue staying committed to their plan. Clients who are in the process of making changes with their tobacco use will connect with each other, gain greater awareness about their tobacco use, support one another and learn new and healthier ways of coping.

Aventa’s Gambling Treatment Program is based on a 21-step process that helps women change their addictive thought patterns, conquer their gambling habits, and develop a support network to create permanent recovery.

Aventa helps to promote positive lifestyle changes in our clients by adopting a range of healthy fitness and recreation alternatives. Our professional fitness centre offers a range of equipment for clients. Yoga classes are offered on-site two times per week.

Continuing Care Program is a closed, weekly counsellor led support group focused on issues affecting the well-being of women and maintenance of their recovery. All sober Aventa Alumnae can attend these meetings once they have registered for the group.

Family and Friends is a three part information series for all family members, significant others and supportive friends of current and previous Clients, as well as those who did not graduate or are on the waitlist to attend treatment.

Family and friends often bear the heavy emotional burden of resentment, fear, and hopelessness due to the addictions of their loved ones. Aventa Clients learn new skills and tools that support them in the recovery process. Sometimes family members and friends do not always have the opportunity to learn about addiction, the recovery process, boundaries and communication skills, all of which can impact the relationship dynamics.

Aventa’s Family and Friends Workshop is designed to help re-build relationships with loved ones and promote positive relationships. This three part series includes information about addiction and recovery where family and friends learn about boundaries and healthy communication in hopes of building a supportive foundation.

Topics include:

  • Session 1: Understanding Addiction
  • Session 2: Communication
  • Session 3: Recovery Skills and Boundaries

Workshops run twice per month and participants must register with Aventa's Family Counsellor by calling (403) 245-9050.

Alumnae Birthday Celebrations are monthly celebrations open to all sober Aventa Alumnae who want to share their success and celebrate their sobriety birthday.

Admission Criteria

  • Women 18 years of age and over
  • Must meet Aventa’s requirement for abstinence
  • A desire and willingness to changes
  • Ability to participate in group therapy

Visitor Guidelines
In order to ensure that Visitors and our Clients have a safe and enjoyable visiting experience, we ask that they follow our Visitor Guidelines.




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